Below are our rates for the upcoming season. *2 Day booking minimum is required * Rate per person in Canadian Dollars.


Number of Days American Plan Housekeeping Plan North End Outpost
7 Days $2,099.00 CDN $1,599.00 CDN $1,250.00 CDN
6 Days $2,099.00 CDN $1,599.00 CDN $1,200.00 CDN
5 Days $1,750.00 CDN $1,450.00 CDN $1,150.00 CDN
4 Days $1,499.00 CDN $1,299.00 CDN $1,100.00 CDN
3 Days $1,199.00 CDN $1,099.00 CDN $1,050.00 CDN
2 Days $ 999.00 CDN $ 899.00 CDN $1,000.00 CDN


Fly in from White River *Scheduled flying days are: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
Scheduled Days Round Trip Air
Scheduled / Unscheduled Day – One Way Air
$175.00 / $250.00
Unscheduled Days Round Trip Air
Scheduled with Unscheduled Day – Round Trip Air


Train in From White River
7 Days Sunday to Saturday or Wednesday to Tuesday or Friday to Thursday
5 Days Sunday to Thursday or Friday to Tuesday
4 Days Wednesday to Saturday
3 Days Sunday to Tuesday


Train in From Sudbury
7.5 Days Saturday to Sunday or Thursday to Friday or Tuesday to Wednesday
5.5 Days Saturday to Friday or Thursday to Wednesday
4.5 Days Tuesday to Sunday
3.5 Days Saturday to Wednesday
2.5 Days Thursday to Sunday or Tuesday to Friday


Half Day Rates
American Plan
Housekeeping Plan


Children, Youth and Family Rates
Children between 6-11 years of age are half the adult price
Children between 12-15 years of age pay just three quarters the adult rate
Children up to age five are free!
Two adults who are traveling with two children aged 16 and under pay just 3 adult rates

Train in fare from chosen departure – Visit Viarail

Deposit Insurance – $25

*Please note all our rates are quoted in Canadian Dollars and final billing is made in Canadian Dollars.



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Arriving By Air

While we do our best to keep to schedule we are not responsible for any delays due to bad weather. Guests are responsible for any motel and meal expenses. There are NO partial refunds because of shortened stays due to weather and/or no refunds are given due to party cancellation related to weather. Should space be available at the lodge, stays may be extended to compensate for late arrival due to weather. No extra charge will be levied due to late departure because of weather.

Length of Stay travelling by Air From White River

The recommended and most common stays are

  • Sunday to Sunday (7 DAYS)
  • Sunday to Wednesday or Thursday to Sunday (3 DAYS)
  • Sunday to Thursday and Wednesday to Sunday (4 DAYS)
  • Alternate scheduling is possible to meet any party requirements

Length of Stay travelling from White River by Rail

  • Sunday to Saturday & Wednesday to Tuesday & Friday to Thursday (7 DAYS)
  • Sunday to Thursday & Friday to Tuesday (5 DAYS)
  • Sunday to Tuesday (3 DAYS)
  • Wednesday to Saturday¬† (4 DAYS)

Length of Stays travelling from Sudbury by Rail

  • Saturday to Sunday or Thursday to Friday or Tuesday to Wednesday (7.5 DAYS)
  • Saturday to Friday or Thursday to Wednesday (5.5 DAYS)
  • Tuesday to Sunday (4.5 DAYS)
  • Saturday to Wednesday (3.5 DAYS)
  • Thursday to Sunday & Tuesday to Friday (2.5 DAYS)


Deposits may be made by VISA, Mastercard, personal cheque or money order. Final payment may be made the day of your departure by VISA, Mastercard, money order or cash. Should you wish to prepay your holiday please advise us and we will issue an invoice for your prepayment. All rates quoted per person in Canadian Dollars. Final billing is made in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and currency conversions will be made at the local exchange rate.


To confirm and hold your reservation we require a deposit of $450.00 per person within 14 days of booking your vacation. Your deposit includes a non refundable Deposit Protection fee of $25.00 per person. The Deposit Protection ensures that any deposits or prepayments of accounts paid to Mar Mac Lodge will be refunded to individual party members unable to make the trip due to a last minute emergency. Entire party cancellations require a 120 day notice to qualify for refund. If you choose to opt out of the Deposit Protection and are unable to make your trip you will forfeit any monies paid to Mar Mac Lodge.