Moose Hunting

The success of our fall archery moose hunt is tremendous. Many moose are sighted and we achieve a high party success rate.  While our hunts are unguided, there will be experienced staff to fully assist and orient you to your own private hunting area.

You will fly from the White River Air Seaplane Base to Esnagi Lake, 27 miles long and adjacent to the Chapleau Game Preserve, where you will be accommodated in a private cabin. You will be escorted and oriented to your hunting area by our staff.  Esnagi Lake is famous for the size and intensity of its moose herd.

Package includes: 7 days/nights Housekeeping Plan accommodations, round trip flights (included flying out your game), boat, motor and gasoline and validation tags as well hunting and fishing assistance from our staff.

Contact Us to come up with your individualized hunting plan and rate.


Moose Hunting Photos