Perch & Whitefish Fishing

Perch are typically caught sitting in the middle of a weed bed in about 5 or 6 feet of water. Wind free and sunny days are your best bet should you be targeting this panfish. They are known to be very scrappy despite their average size of 8 to 14 inches. Perch travel in large schools, making it easy to catch a lot of them in one good afternoon. Use a smaller jig than for walleye, 1/8 oz works best in white or pink. Bait with a piece of night crawler. We suggest 2-4lb test line.

Whitefish are primarily caught in early spring while jigging for walleye in the shallow areas. We also catch many right off our dock! We suggest small tear drop jigs baited with a waxworm. Whitefish make for a fantastic meal in the spring months. As the water warms up they are much more difficult to catch.

Ontario License & Limits

For Catch Possession and Size limits visit www.ontario.ca/travel-and-recreation/fishing-limits-size-restrictions-and-catch-and-release

To purchase your Ontario fishing licenses visit www.ontario.ca/travel-and-recreation/fishing


Perch & Whitefish Fishing Photos