Fly Fishing

A stay at Mar Mac Lodge offers fly fishermen outstanding opportunities for a variety of species; brook and lake trout, northern pike, walleye and whitefish. You’ll have lots of elbow room and an excellent chance at a trophy or even a record fish! Most of your fly fishing will be done from our roomy boats with late-model engines. We also have knowledgeable guides ready to assist you and make your holiday a success!

We recommend 8-9 wt rods with large arbour reels and 7-8 wt floating line. Try new Tyger leaders, which you can tie in a knot like monofilament. Casting large flies is made easier by the use of heavy lines. Special ‘pike taper’ lines with an exaggerated weight forward profile are now available. Another option is to use a shooting head, but whatever fly line you choose, ensure that your reel can also hold at least 100 metres of good quality backing. When fishing for pike the use of a wire trace is essential at all times. As for flies, try Enrico minnows, Clouser minnows, Zonkers and Dahlberg divers, sizes #1 – #3/0. In the spring (May and June) or fall (September) long time guest and friend, Rod Young, likes to sight fish in warm shallow bays. “Simply cast to the fish and strip the fly back” advises Young. In the summer you can troll your fly, twitching it occasionally, in six to eight feet of water.

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