Brook & Lake Trout Fishing

Brook and lake trout can be caught in Rock Lake which sits behind Mar Mac Lodge. Access this trophy lake by a 2 minute boat ride and a short 15 minute portage. Once you have reached the shores of Rock lake there are 2 14 foot aluminum boats with 6 or 8 HP motors. This lake is a “Trophy Lake ” which requires that no live bait is used and special limits apply.

Lake Trout

We suggest Williams spoons, “Walleye Killers”, jigs with tails, or your favourite spoon on a swivel. Try 8-12lb test line.

Brook Trout

Try Blue Fox Mepps, Little Cleo ( Red and Gold) # 5 Mepps with a Red Bucktail or some other small spinner with swivel on 6-8lb test line.

Ontario License & Limits

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